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Eric Counts
credit report

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Saturday 12.8.2018

9a - 4p

Acclaimed presenter, Eric Counts, informs us about the current state of personal credit and the evolution of the credit industry.

Take an extensive look at different scoring models and how certain actions could significantly impact credit score far more than one might expect. Learn about the credit reporting industry and how the three biggest credit-reporting agencies became the gatekeepers for personal finance.

Eric will share with you detailed strategies to manage a credit profile more effectively, as well as explain why the credit score “doesn’t really matter anyway.” He keeps us up to date with the latest credit trends and credit-related legal decisions affecting individuals today.

With comic relief and engaging dialogue, Eric Counts entertains as well as educates. Come learn what it means to make the best credit choices possible and why sometimes the best “Credit Decision” may not be the best “Financial Decision.”

Register for Free Online Live Webinar