The key to real estate investing is to know what you are doing.  To gain that knowledge you have to get educated.

In your real estate quest you may have encountered the following:

  • Have you been to a real estate boot camp and found that it was nothing more than a sales pitch?
  • Tired of the TV gurus saying the same thing over and over again and it not being of any value?
  • Have you found real estate education too expensive for what’s provided?
  • Struggling to find a mentor or group that will give you beneficial knowledge that you can apply immediately?
  • Frustrated with not knowing how to access the real estate deals and transactions that are happening right in your neighborhood?
  • Are you an investor wanting to increase and scale your business but don’t know the steps?
  • Are you new to real estate and confused about how to get started?
  • Would you just like to be in a networking environment that fosters substantial real estate conversations

If you answered yes to any of the above

Then get into our next event NOW!!!


10min Briefing - Webinar

See if this opportunity is really a good fit for you. It will take only 10mins to get a look into our REI community and have the opportunity to move on to the next step.

REI Networking Meeting

Network with community members & mentors + intro into real estate training.

Real Estate Intensive

Take the course work for a test drive. Full day workshop on a specific RE strategy - Live and Online available.

Marketing and Business Training

Learn how marketing is directly tied to being a successful RE investor.

Property Tours

See up close real deal property tour from a current student. Multiple projects throughout city. See how the property was acquired, funded, and how they exited the deal.

Learning Paths

Real Estate Investing has many strategies.  Check out all the learning paths available here.